• Last year's YLF alumnus working together to solve a challenge of many parts working as one to overcome and complete a singular task.

  • Group photo of this year's Youth Leadership Forum (Staff and Students) on the steps of the Statehouse in Annapolis.

  • A few scenes from our tasting event celebrating our twentieth anniversary and the celebration of the twentyfifth anniversary of the signing of American's with Disabilities Act .

  • Food preparation at this past Septembers Path2Empowerment event (part of the healthy cooking on a budget seminars  with instructor tossing a salad.)

  • Shannon Minnick, Odette Bowen and Robert Watson enjoying the fund raiser in celebration of the our 20th Anniversary and the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the ADA in July.

Of Interest

Independence Now Employment ServicesEmployment Services are now a reality. Independence Now is in the fledging phase of the process. We are very eager to begin helping people to achieve their dreams for employment. If you have an open DORS case and or have a Ticket-to-Work give us a call. We are looking for serious job seekers who are highly motivated to work. If this is you, contact Denise Sosbe, Employment Services Coordinator at 240-898-2188 or dsosbe@innow.org.

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