IN: Home modifications

Home Modification and Assistive Technology (AT)

This program assists people with disabilities to continue living independently by funding accessibility modifications to their homes or acquire a piece of equipment to increase, maintain or improve their functional capabilities. This could include ramps or stair-lifts or bathroom modifications or equipment. IN can also provide information about a variety of independent living equipment and a list of possible vendors.

Woman helping child down wheelchair ramp

Do you need accessibility modifications to your home - perhaps a ramp or widening of the doorway to your bathroom?

Independence Now can help:

  • If you rent in Prince George's County, we may be able to pay for a modification through our Mod Squad Project.
  • If you are a home owner, we have a publication titled Consumer's Guide to Funding Home Modifications, that explains some of the loan programs that are available to home owners.

Whatever your situation give us a call. Our staff can brainstorm with you about making your home more accessible.

The Mod Squad Project is funded through a Community Development Block Grant from the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development.Man using a wheelchair ramp to enter a building by himself