IN Staff

Image of Katie Carroll

Katie Carroll, Youth Projects Coordinator

(240) 638-0065

Image of Trish Foley

Trish Foley, Director of Community Services

(240) 898-2181

Image of Carlos Garner

Carlos Garner, Peer Support Counselor

Image of Rochelle  Harrod

Rochelle Harrod, Prince George's County Independent Living Specialist

(240) 898-2184

Image of Kelvin Hawkins

Kelvin Hawkins, Independent Living Specialist- Prince George's County

(240) 638-0068

Image of Deborah Jackson

Deborah Jackson, Director of Independent Living Services

(240) 638-0066

Image of Cindy LaBon

Cindy LaBon, Community Work Incentives Coordinator

( 240) 898-2186

Image of Jackie Littleford

Jackie Littleford, Peer Support Counselor

Image of Shannon Minnick

Shannon Minnick, Montgomery County- Independent Living Specialist

(240) 638-0070

Image of David Mitchell

David Mitchell, Director MD-WIN

(240) 638-0071

Image of Mike Polits

Mike Polits, Director of Finance

(240) 898-2180

Image of Meredith Raymond

Meredith Raymond, Director of Nursing Facility Outreach

(240) 638-0069

Image of Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders, Peer Support Counselor

Image of Sarah Sorensen

Sarah Sorensen, Executive Director

(240) 898-2183

Image of Denise Sosbe

Denise Sosbe, Travel Trainer- Montgomery County

(240) 898-2188

Image of Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor, Travel Trainer- Prince George's County

(240) 898-2189

Image of Todd  Thorpe

Todd Thorpe, Director of Operations

(240) 898-2182