Assistive Technology / Home & Vehicle Modifications

The Independent Living Modification and Assistive Technology program assists eligible individuals with significant physical and mental disabilities living in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties to live independently at home in the community. Architectural modifications to a residence of an eligible individual may be authorized to the extent necessary to facilitate entry and exit to the residence, access to bathroom facilities, and access within the residence. Vehicular modifications are limited to removable aids such as Spinner knobs, Hand controls, Wheelchair lifts, and Pedal extenders. Assistive Technology includes: Aids for Daily Living ( e.g., bathing and toileting equipment), Environmental Control Units (ECU), Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Hearing Aides and other devices the Medicaid or other insurers will not provide.

Individuals may become consumers of the IL-MOD & AT Program if they meet the following eligibility standards:

  • Are a Prince George's or Montgomery County resident
  • Have a significant disability in any age group
  • Meet a financial needs test and provide a portion of matching funds
  • Seek to live more independently