Kayla Discusses the Importance of Helping and Supporting Others

Photo of Kayla, a young black woman, wearing black rimmed glasses and dark lipstick. She is wearing jeans and a yellow shirt that say's Let's keep our planet clean." She is sitting on the floor holding plastic bags filed with toiletries.

Kayla is a Maryland Youth Leadership Forum alumna and after she graduated high school she went on to college to study Political Science. Here, she discusses the importance of helping and supporting others, particularly in the context of Black Lives Matter.

“Helping others is why I chose to go to political science, because of many injustices that are happening to disenfranchised people. This is why people say Black Lives Matter. Our lives are disproportionately gone. Yes, all lives matter, but Black lives are more likely to be gone too soon.

“I also have autism. I know that without the help that I’ve received to understand my autism, I wouldn’t have been able to face some of the challenges I’ve encountered. I feel empowered by the help I’ve received and want to pay it forward. I enjoy supporting others in whatever they might need. Helping others can build confidence when circumstances feel hopeless. It shows that you care for them. It can build friendships and relationships.

“When I see the smile that comes across people’s faces from help I’ve given them, I instantly smile back. I know how I feel when I receive help from others, and it makes me happy. This is why I love to help other people. It’s just personal.”

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Kayla Discusses the Importance of Helping and Supporting Others

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