Thanks To Our Accessible Yogi, Marka!

Photo of person doing child's pose against black background. In white text, "Thank you marka."

At the beginning of the pandemic, Centers for Independent Living received federal funds to be used to respond to the needs of the disability community. Independence Now staff met with many of our consumers. It became clear that they were struggling with anxiety and stress. To support our community, we began hosting the Accessible Yoga program with instructor Marka Danielle.

Marka in her own words: “I would like to thank all the participants from Independence Now for practicing Accessible Yoga with me these last few months. It was an honor and a pleasure to share my practice with you. I hope you enjoyed the time. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if I can be of help in any way.”

Our own consumers were excited to talk about their experiences with yoga. Ms. Delisa French: “Normally I have vertigo. When I tried her breathing and movement techniques, it helped me with my vertigo.”

We also heard from Ms. Janice Harvey who said: “I’ve been wanting to do yoga for a second. The moves were easy to do. It gives you space to think about whatever you want to think about.”

It’s clear that we enjoyed the opportunity to share accessible yoga with each other. We hope that people carry forward what they learned and can apply this in their everyday lives!

Thanks To Our Accessible Yogi, Marka!
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