Independence Now joins Invisible No More, Black Disabled Lives Matter for Pop-Up Protests

Photo of protesters wearing medical masks.

On Saturday, October 24, 2020, Independence Now joined Invisible No More, Black Disabled Lives Matter, a burgeoning grassroots sector of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) with diverse disabilities, for a pop-up protest in downtown Silver Spring.

Invisible No More’s purpose is to bring to light the unique issues of Black Disabled Lives in the context of racism and ableism. One of the many tragic outcomes of police brutality is causing temporary or permanent disabilities.

From Invisible No More: “Invisible No More wants to break the chains that hold us back and show others that we are here and not going away despite the prevalence and devastating impact COVID is having on our mobility, and causing increased isolation by staying at home, nursing facilities, and other institutions that provide vital shelter for people with disabilities. Many institutions where Black disabled people of all ages as well as People of Color lack access to take part, express their concerns, and have little to no outreach nor opportunities to share their voice and messages.

“Invisible No More will provide ways and means to ensure this group is heard and these small gatherings with powerful messages will welcome these specific groups and hope to grow the efforts in the coming months. The group is unique in that it will also include families of children of color who also have disabilities. Such groups are largely underrepresented in the current gatherings and this organization will strive to host events on a smaller scale where large crowds may have been a deterrence to joining without risking greater COVID-19 exposure.”

The group will coordinate messaging, additional, future Pop Up meeting dates via Facebook and other social media platforms. They have already met online to discuss all aspects of their mission, vision, and objectives; and welcomes additional supporters, stakeholders, and voices from all walks of life. More information can be found at their Facebook:

To receive more information about the group, reach out to the Spokesperson Ms. Scherrone Dunhamn at

Independence Now joins Invisible No More, Black Disabled Lives Matter for Pop-Up Protests
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