The Human Puzzle

The following poem was written by an Independence Now community member and was “Inspired by those with such good hearts and souls they bring out the best in you.”

To be patient and kind
is a gift rare received.
To reach deep inside and find deeper meaning.
To look beyond the surface of what your eyes perceive…
This is human nature at peace.
we walk with pride,
we walk with fear,
we walk with hope,
to hide our tears.
Emotions carry us through the day,
and the battle goes on as we find our way.

Our clouded path,
Voices of the past pushing us further.
Evolution goes beyond our genes,
it elevates us for new beginnings.

To block the hate that steams inside,
this is what separates us from our animal allies.
An easy task…
life is not.
We wear a mask to hide our thoughts.

Endless questions,
so much unsaid…
what next will we put in our heads.

what does it all mean?
Finding greatness,
something just within our reach.

Happiness we make our own,
our will becomes our stepping stone.

We further ourselves from humble beginnings,
sometimes forgetting our reason for living.
A gentle reminder from where we know not,
an encouraging word,
an inspiring thought.
Plant the seed and watch it grow…
our words have strength to ease the soul.

Take a minute to look beyond whats on top,
for a helping hand can mean so much.

To save a life,
to wipe a tear,
to ease their pain
and hold someone near.

We are greatness,
undiscovered talent,
human beings…
so very valiant!
Unstoppable in our quest for success,
We are brilliant at best.

All so different that’s how it should be,
let us stop judging and find inner peace.
Enlightenment lives inside us all…
some candles burn bright…
some candles burn small…

Take a moment and smile about that,
for that will guide us all through our path.

Find your comfort,
for each so unique.
We make our happiness our own,
personal and sweet.

For in this world always spinning,
we walk forward for every new beginning.

Patience, our time will come…
breath deep,
for the journey may be long.

In the end it will all fit together,
“The human puzzle”,
Life’s hidden treasure.

The Human Puzzle

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