Deborah Jackson Continued Dr. King’s Legacy

Photo of deborah jackson in motorized wheelchair in front of the washington dc reflecting pool at dusk.
Today, we honor one of the great champions of civil rights and human dignity, a man who brought hope and progress through peaceful protest and advocacy. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dedication to addressing discrimination left a historic legacy and continues to inspire generations of advocates to advance his work for justice. Independence Now was proud and honored to work with one who was so inspired by Dr. King’s legacy. Deborah Jackson, IN’s former Director of Independent Living, did not tolerate injustice. She advocated tirelessly for people to get what they needed: access to services, skills training, transportation, housing, employment, or anything else that would set them on the path to having an independent life. During her remarkable life, she was driven by Dr. King’s famous words, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ and this message was woven into the fabric of her life and work. On this day, let us be reminded that Dr. King’s vision for peace and equality must endure and that we all bear a responsibility to realize this vision. Deborah understood this and served as a shining tribute to Dr. King’s enduring legacy, and we too must commit to never ending the fight against injustice.
Deborah Jackson Continued Dr. King’s Legacy

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