Top 5! Transitioning Youth Services

Green graphic that says top 5 Ways Young People Can Engage with Independence Now!

Centers for Independent Living provide several types of Transition Services as a part of our Core Services. These services include both supporting people to transition from nursing facilities back to the community, and supporting youth to transition from High School to work or Post-Secondary Education.

This post will focus on our Transitioning Youth Services and the top 5 ways in which youth ages 16-30 can engage with Independence Now!

#5: Join a Pre-ETS class on Self Advocacy or Work Readiness!

#4: Attend the Future Leaders Club on the 4th Friday of the month 5-7pm. Visit our events calendar.

#3: Become a Consumer of Independent Living Services and reach your goals! Learn more.

#2: Learn to Cook in our Monthly cooking classes! Visit our events calendar.

#1: Apply for MD Youth Leadership Forum! (for those in their last couple of years of High School). Learn more.

Top 5! Transitioning Youth Services
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