Nurse Betsy on the Maryland Youth Leadership Forum

Photo of Nurse Betsy surrounded by maryland youth leadership forum delegates.
Nurse Betsy has been a part of the Maryland Youth Leadership Forum (MDYLF) for more than 10 years managing all medications and health needs for all attending delegates. She ensures they all stay healthy and that students and parents don’t have to worry about medical needs while at MDYLF. Betsy is also the best kind of nurse who encourages everyone to be confidently independent!
With the event being virtual this year Betsy won’t be attending, but she shared with us her thoughts on the powerful impact of MDYLF.

"The Maryland Youth Leadership Forum provides students with an opportunity to learn self-advocacy as well as how important it is to speak out within small and larger groups. By meeting other students with a variety of disabilities, each delegate comes to realize that they are not alone in this world. It is amazing the positive transformation that students undergo within a short time period. Having counselors and guest speakers as role models is also an invaluable experience. For many students, MDYLF is a place to open up and make friends with so many people."

The deadline to apply for MDYLF 2021 is March 21. Learn more and apply:
Nurse Betsy on the Maryland Youth Leadership Forum
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