Q & A with Michelle Lindsay

Photo of Michelle Lindsay in a white nurses uniform studying for her certified nursing assistant exam.

Michelle Lindsay, Independence Now’s 2020 Deborah Jackson Rising Star award recipient, shared with us how she got started with Independence Now and what she’d say to other people with disabilities seeking employment and resources and support to live independently.

What kind of support services were you seeking when you came to Independence Now?
I was trying to find out what was available to me with a disability in finding a skill, getting benefits, and getting a job.

How did Independence Now help you meet your goals?
They gave me the information I needed to know, assisted me with a grant to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant, and also helped me in securing a job.

How have you become more independent since working with Independence Now?
I’ve become more independent since working with the staff of Independence Now by getting my first real job since I migrated here to the USA five years ago with a disability.

What would you say to someone who was facing similar obstacles as you were before you connected with Independence Now?
I would say never give up! You are your best critic and never underestimate your true potential. Keep on persevering and you’ll bear fruit.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Thank you, Independence Now for the platform you created to help people like me with a disability to find our true worth and for making information available at all times right at hand!

If you or someone you know has a disability and is seeking information or support on finding employment or living independently, contact us today and one of our specialists will promptly respond to help you get started. You can also call us at 301-277-2839 (TDD: Use Maryland Relay: 711) or email info@innow.org. Learn more about our Independent Living Services at www.innow.org/independent-living-services/.

Q & A with Michelle Lindsay
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