Focus on Assistive Technology | Vehicle Modification

Independence Now consumer danesha sitting in the driver's seat of her modified vehicle.
photo of steering wheel and hand controls of Danesha's modified vehicle.

Independence Now like most Centers for Independent Living supports consumers to know about and obtain many types of assistive technology (AT) and home accessibility. We make connections for our consumers with other AT programs in the state that offer evaluation, devices and training and information.

Denise Sosbe, Independence Now’s Employment & Assistive Technology Coordinator recently commented that:

“Assistive technology is vital for so many people. I had no idea when I started this position as the Assistive Technology & Employment Coordinator how vital AT is for so many people. So often It makes a difference if people are able to leave their homes or complete their activities of daily living, which so many people take for granted. I am proud to be a part of this very important work.”

One consumer who benefited recently from our AT program was Danesha, she had a vehicle modification.

“Thank you to Truck’N’America , who did an outstanding job with the adaptive equipment in my car. They met my needs of needing equipment for my gas and brake pedal. They modified my car specifically for me and did it in a timely manner. I am now independent and can take myself wherever I need to go!”

Visit to learn more about our assistive technology and home and vehicle modification services, or contact us today to learn more about your eligibility. Call us at 240-898-2188 or email

Focus on Assistive Technology | Vehicle Modification
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