Consumer Story | Seeking Self-Advocacy Skills

Green graphic that says Self-Advocacy is the ability to articulate one's needs and make informed decisions about the support necessary to meet those needs.

One consumer recently reached out to us seeking to learn self-advocacy skills. She was referred to Independence Now from DORS and worked with Shannon Minnick, Director of Independent Living Services.

When asked how Independence Now helped her meet her goals, she said:

"They helped me learn how to build my own thoughts and opinions about how I would like to live independently, and also how to connect with people in the same program. To anyone thinking about working with Independence Now to learn self-advocacy skills, I would say although it's not easy to learn how to accept yourself as a person, just know that building self-confidence and being independent takes time and start with small goals!"

If you or someone you know has a disability and is seeking information or support on learning self-advocacy skills, contact us today and one of our specialists will promptly respond to help you get started. You can also call us at 301-277-2839 (TDD: Use Maryland Relay: 711) or email Learn more about our Independent Living Services at

Consumer Story | Seeking Self-Advocacy Skills
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