The Joy of Being A Father

photo of woman standing behind her father who is a wheelchair user. He is holding an award and they are both smiling.

“Being a father is the greatest joy that I have experienced in my life, especially given my disability. At the age of 5, I acquired a spinal cord injury from being hit by a car. I grew up thinking fatherhood was out of the picture. Fast forward 20 years later, when I was told by doctors I would need in-vitro surgery if I wanted to have children, and that my spinal cord injury wouldn’t allow me to the natural way. Let’s just say God had the last word on that matter.

“I look at my daughter as a destiny/miracle baby. I cherish every moment that we have: singing our favorite song together “Television Love,” memories of putting her on my lap and rolling up the hill to take her home because she was tired of walking, and having intimate talks with her about becoming a young lady and watching out for boys out here.

“Being a person with a disability can be hard and being a father with a disability can be especially hard, but it just takes effort. That’s the best that we all can do, and I’m proud to have been on this journey for 15 years. I look forward to what’s to come in the future with me and my daughter.”

From all of us at Independence Now, we wish you all a very Happy Fathers Day!

The Joy of Being A Father
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