Minority Mental Health Awareness Month | R. Garcia’s Story

Graphic with photo of person holding hands of another person with text that says National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. US department of health and human services Office of Minority Health.

R. Garcia is a single parent with a mental health-related disability who also lives with chronic pain. His child also lives with a disability. During COVID, it has been challenging for him to access mental health services.  He’s under additional financial pressure because he still hasn’t been approved for SSDI.

R.’s story exemplifies the challenges that many individuals living with disabilities face as they balance paying bills, keeping shelter, and parenting all while trying to manage their own self-care.

Independence Now recognizes the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of local, regional, and national mental and behavioral health resources that provide direct support to black, brown, and people of color so those who are struggling can find the support they need. Access these resources through our Resource Directory by visiting www.innow.org/resource-directory and select “Mental and Behavioral Health Services” and “BIPOC Disabled Lives Matter” to filter the resources you need.

You can also contact Independence Now for additional support finding mental and behavioral health resources at 301-277-2839 or info@innow.org.

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month | R. Garcia’s Story
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