Home Modification Series: Mobility Solutions

Photo of stairlift track along interior set of stairs in residential home.

Independence Now partners with a variety of home modification contractors to support our consumers’ goals for independence. In our latest blog series, we’re pleased to highlight these companies and the services they’re able to provide for our community.

Mobility Solutions is a company based in Silver Spring that we frequently work with to install stairlifts in consumers’ homes so they can remain independent. John Barrett, Vice President of Mobility Solutions, recently spoke with Independence Now about the wide variety of stairlifts and other services they provide.

What kind of work does Mobility Solutions do?

We do all sorts of durable medical equipment. We specialize in stairlifts, ramps, and platforms lifts, but we offer a wide range of things. We started as a wheelchair-based company. We don’t do big construction work, instead, our focus is to install, maintain, and repair durable medical equipment to help keep people in their homes.

How do you design and install a stair lift for a consumer?

It all depends on the house and the set of steps. Many steps are straight and easy, but sometimes there are all sorts of curves and obstacles. Sometimes we find ways to install multiple sets of small stairlifts so people can transfer from one machine to the next. This approach allows people to get their lifts more quickly and it’s more cost-effective. Some people don’t always have the time or resources to do a big custom curve stairlift, so we work with them to get them what they need within their budget. We have done and continue to do a lot of custom designs for sets of stairs that others might deem impossible. We’ve found ways and techniques to make designs fit almost any space. For the most part, all ramps, stairlifts, and porch lifts need some level of customization in terms of location, fit, and a person’s needs. In these cases, we try to provide consumers with as much information as possible so they can make the decision that’s right for them. They know their body and what will work, so we work with their needs. In one very specific case, we basically had to set up the stairlift backward. Every job has its own unique nuance to it – it’s rare that the work isn’t custom.

How does Mobility Solutions partner with organizations like Independence Now to provide home modifications for consumers?

Regarding Independence Now specifically, a consumer usually reaches out to us directly, and it is often unbeknownst to us that the consumer is working with Independence Now until he/she lets us know. Regarding other organizations, we make personal connections and then the work follows. One good experience always leads to another, and we only get paid once the project is finished and the consumer is satisfied. Sometimes we’ll recommend customers who reach out to us to get in touch with Independence Now to get support for a project. Independence Now is our customer too!

What are some of the other types of projects you do?

Mainly ramps and platform lifts in independent households. Most importantly, we specialize in independent housing – we don’t do commercial.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We’ve been doing this kind of work since 1989.  We’re family-owned and operated, and I’m the second generation of our company.  This is our life.  Providing this service to our community is a calling for us. When you work with us, you’re working with regular people who just want to help other people.

If you’d like to learn more about Mobility Solutions and their services, visit www.1mobilitysolutions.com or call (301) 650-0035. Check out the below photos of a recent stairlift Mobility Solutions installed for one of our consumers!

Home Modification Series: Mobility Solutions
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