Money Follows the Person I Want My Life Back IRL Event

Independence Now’s Money Follows the Person (MFP) staff Michael Saunders, Carlos Garner, and Felicia Latimore recently held an in-person ‘I Want My Life Back’ event at Cadia of Hyattsville, a Nursing Facility in Prince George’s County. The purpose of this event was to provide resources and information to residents about moving out of the nursing facility into the community using the Home and Community Based Waiver Services.

Thirteen residents attended and spoke to MFP staff about how to get the process started to apply for home-based services and return to their local community. MFP staff reviewed financial details with residents to explain the eligibility requirements for services and housing.

In addition to sharing some snacks, MFP staff were able to initiate conversation about how to begin taking steps toward independence while still living in the Nursing Facility. For instance, Metro Access applications were provided so individuals can apply for paratransit and begin going out of the facility on their own. Michael and Carlos feel strongly that gaining any independence skills while still living in a facility is just that much closer to getting their life back.

Independence Now provided our last Chromebook to Cadia of Hyattsville so that residents might look up resources online, especially searching for housing options and looking for available apartments.  MFP staff encouraged residents to do housing searches on their own as options are limited and it’s good to know what is out there.

Money Follows the Person I Want My Life Back IRL Event
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