Assistive Technology Spotlight: ReaderPen by C-Pen

Photo of C-Pen reader pen, a small, handheld electronic device shaped somewhat like a pen.

Today’s Assistive Technology Spotlight is the ReaderPen by C-Pen.

This extremely portable device gives you the ability to scan text and have the words read right back to you. The pen also doubles as a dictionary that allows you to define scanned words in an instant.

ReaderPen also features a voice recorder and allows you to store scanned text.

Everything is built-in and there is no need or requirement for an internet connection!


  • Reads text out aloud.
  • Looks up and reads out definitions of words.
  • No wifi required.
  • Scans and stores text internally as well as scans to computer (no software required).
  • A voice recorder for memos and to develop vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • 3GB user space to store text and audio.
  • Speaker and earphone jack.
  • Rechargeable battery.

If you would like to test the ReaderPen for yourself, contact our Assistive Technology Specialist, Jake Clark, at 240-898-2188 or to book a demo appointment.

*Please note appointments are only available on Tuesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 12:00  and 5:00 pm.

Here’s a YouTube video by them that is pretty short and explains all the features.

Visit our online Assistive Technology library to see all the devices available to our consumers.

Assistive Technology Spotlight: ReaderPen by C-Pen
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