Giving Thanks

Pumpkins and fall leaves with text that says, Happy Thanksgiving. May your Thanksgiving filled with happiness.

Independence Now was so grateful to receive this heartwarming Thanksgiving message from one of our Consumers. We’re thankful that we get to work with so many amazing people! What are you thankful for this year?

My name is Jose Rubio and I am so incredibly grateful and beyond impressed at such wonderful compassion. I’m most absolutely thankful for the marvelous staff at Independence Now who have helped me improve my life for the absolute better!

I’m beyond thankful for the most amazing help I have received in the form of a wonderful Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) I received which helps me so very much with my walking. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my footing is very poor, dealing with poor balance and coordination. The AFO helps me with better steps with my most affected leg and allows me to walk with ease, whereas the opposite was to fall to the floor constantly.

The most impressively beautiful form of help and kindness that I am most thankful for is Shannon Minnick and Sammi Hampton’s most graceful act of helping me acquire a Chromebook which has helped me with my job which I can now do from home. Thanks to such a beautiful laptop that I use to log in and work with ease now since the company I work for allows me to work from home.

I am incredibly thankful, grateful, and tearfully moved by such acts of compassion. My blessing to give thanks this Thanksgiving is to all the staff who form Independence Now, true angels in the guise of humans, a true blessing to anyone they help.

Giving Thanks
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