Assistive Technology Spotlight: Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards attached to the edge of two oven racks. The protect a person's arm reaching into a hot oven to pull out a pie.

The Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards offer protection against burns that can result if you accidentally touch or brush against hot oven racks. Once applied, they also help you pull out your oven racks with ease.

You simply snap the guards to the front of your oven racks, and you are ready to go. It can even be kept on in between uses.

This is a cheap affordable device that anyone can benefit from!


  • 18 inches in length
  • Fits all standard oven racks
  • Snap open/close
  • Machine washable/dryable

* Each pack includes two oven rack guards

A single set of two costs around $30 online.

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Assistive Technology Spotlight: Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards
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