Assistive Technology Spotlight: Misty’s Story

Misty is a young woman with brown and blonde curly hair. She uses a motorized scooter.

Assistive technology, also known as AT, is any product, software, system, or piece of equipment, that enhances learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. Independence Now offers resources and support to Consumers so that they may sample and obtain AT to enhance their independence. One Consumer, Misty, recently expressed her gratitude and shared how AT enabled her to enjoy time with her family while out in the community.

I just wanted to spotlight Independence Now! Jake and Independence Now have transformed my world. I normally can not go out with my kids to the park and trails. The walk and heat are just too much for me. I would just wait for them in the car. I tried to get a scooter from insurance, but they would only approve it if it was needed in the home and I needed mine for the community. I wanted to be out in the community with my children and be independent and they helped me with this. They also helped me with a few other devices that allow me to live my best, independent life in my home and community. These were things I needed but was not able to afford at this time. I had been using a broken unsafe shower chair and they replaced it. I cannot thank them enough for all the work they do and continue to do. You are truly appreciated.

The Community Assistive Technology (AT) Lending Library at Independence Now gives our community members access to AT devices that they want to see or borrow.  All equipment housed at Independence Now is sanitized after viewing or borrowing by a consumer. We can also provide device demonstrations in-person or virtually. Consumers can pick up device loans or they could be shipped to their residence.

Independence Now may also provide home modifications, vehicle modifications and/or assistive technology services to eligible individuals with significant disabilities when needed to achieve the goal of living independently in the community.

If you would like to reserve an item, or have any other questions about our AT services, contact our Assistive Technology Specialist, Jake Clark, at 240-898-2188 or

Products in our AT Lending Library have been purchased with grant money from the Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MDTAP).

Assistive Technology Spotlight: Misty’s Story
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