Wishing Beth Munro a Happy Retirement!

Independence Now staff enjoying Beth Munro's retirement breakfast.

After eight years working at Independence Now, our beloved Beth Munro is retiring. She built the Supports Planning Agency from the ground up creating a team of Supports Planners that are not afraid of a challenge. During her tenure as Director, she has grown the Supports Planning Agency, trained the next generation of Supports Planners, helped countless individuals complete many nursing facility transitions that made it possible for those individuals to live in the community again, and been one of the most supportive co-workers that anyone could ask for.

Beth has served as a mentor to more than one Supports Planner. She took chances on people and took them under her wing. Her knowledge of the Medicaid system and the home and community-based supports programs is unprecedented and incredibly valuable. The Supports Planners at Independence Now have received that knowledge from Beth and it is the reason that we are able to create such strong bonds with our consumers. The Supports Planning staff view her as the image of a strong advocate who has passed that skill along and we will be forever grateful for that.

Beth leaves a lasting impression in anything that she does, but founding and running the Supports Planning agency is a big one. We are so thankful for everything you have done for Independence Now and the Supports Planning Agency here. We wish you a relaxing retirement filled with time spent with your children and grandchildren.

Wishing Beth Munro a Happy Retirement!
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