Getting Ready for Anything: September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Person using an emergency preparedness checklist to check supplies.
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In a world filled with uncertainties, emergency preparedness is not just a buzzword; it’s a crucial skill that can save lives and reduce the impact of unforeseen disasters. Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, a sudden power outage, or a global pandemic, being prepared can make all the difference.

One of our own consumers, Saundra Scott, said she learned about emergency preparedness through our Independent Living specialist Rochelle Harrod. An important part of emergency preparedness is having an emergency kit for your house, and this was one of the things Saundra acted on. She went online and went to stores that sell outdoor gear to find things to put in her kit which included items like food, water, clothing, a first aid kit, and a portable charger. She also made sure everyone in her home had a kit as well. Fortunately, Saundra has not been forced to use it yet, but she says it does ease her mind to know that in the case of an emergency, she can get the supplies she needs from the kit.

It is also important to check and update your emergency kit. At the very least, you should do it once a year, but every 3-4 months would be best. This will give you the chance to see if anything is expired, change the clothes, or add anything you think you could be missing. After talking with Sandra, she did say that this is one area she aims to improve in. She realized that her needs may be different depending on the time of year. In the winter, she may want to include a heavier jacket and warmer clothing while in the springtime, those probably would not be necessary.

For more information on emergency preparedness, look at your county’s office of emergency management:

Prince George’s County:

Montgomery County:

Getting Ready for Anything: September is Emergency Preparedness Month
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