Happy Pride from Independence Now!

Pride Month comes into full swing, here are a couple resources centered around LGBTQ individuals.

Local Pride Events:

  • Baltimore Pride this year is June 10th to June 16th.
  • DC Pride is Saturday, June 8.
  • Frederick Pride is Saturday, June 22.
  • Montgomery County Pride is Sunday, June 30.
  • NOTE: World Pride will be hosted in Washington, DC next year for World Pride 2025!


Most transitioned individuals in the state of Maryland have inaccurate legal documents and have not changed their name. To proceed with a name change, Trans Maryland has a program that will assist with a name change. The costs are covered for lower-income individuals. This tool helps individuals with the petition, social security office, DMV for driver’s license, birth certificate, and passport.


For those who choose to change their names themselves, the first step is to file the petition with your local circuit court. Once the name change is granted and the certificate is in hand, the next step is to get a new social security card for all other documents. From there, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license may be changed.

NOTE: you may also change your gender marker. Here are the specifics from the Motor Vehicle Administration: https://mva.maryland.gov/about-mva/Pages/changing-gender.aspx

An online directory is in place to easily find LGBTQ friendly healthcare, linked below. This resource may help all individuals find accepting healthcare and can help trans individuals find resources for trans-friendly OBGYNs, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and primary care physicians.


When searching for a mental health specialist, you can toggle “LGBTQ friendly” in PsychologyToday’s search bar for therapists and psychiatrists. You may also request therapists of any gender, if you have a preference.

For resources to donate, referring to the Trevor Project directly impacts LGBTQ youth, and they are matching donations currently, in recognition of pride month.


The Human Rights Campaign hosts information, resources, and donations for LGBTQ individuals.


Many LGBTQ individuals are victims of sexual violence. Resources are always available for victims of sexual violence, and please remember to always be mindful and respectful of those who struggle coping with the aftermath of sexual violence.


In the spirit of Pride Month, always remember to take pride in who you are, be respectful and mindful of others!

*Please reach out for any additional resources and support. *

Happy Pride from Independence Now!
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