Maryland High-Tech Assistive Technology Reuse Center

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Maryland High-Tech Assistive Technology Reuse Center

February 7, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

graphic of maryland flag with text that says I AM independence amplified maryland. presented by the maryland centers for indepenent living

The Maryland High-Tech Assistive Technology Reuse Center (MATR) is the state’s high-tech AT reuse center. MATR operates completely off donations so that we may provide high-tech AT to other individuals at no cost for as long as they need it with the expectation that it will be re-donated when the user is finished with the device.

Our speaker is Denise Schuler!

For more information about the Reuse Program website:


The Centers for Independent Living in Maryland are collaborating on a weekly live stream. The stream, which can be watched live via Zoom or viewed later on YouTube, will feature speakers on the current issues that most interest the disability community, families, and service providers.
We will hear from disability leaders, public officials, and most importantly—you, our community, and listeners. The show will educate the public about the capacities of people with disabilities through the message of I AM: I AM independent. I AM safe. I AM prepared. I AM in charge. Topics may include food resources, transportation concerns, and how the rules of re-opening the economy affect the community.
Independence Amplified Maryland is your opportunity to know what’s going on in the world of disability and take control of your future.
Please register below for the call information and the opportunity to let us know if you have accessibility accommodations!

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Maryland High-Tech Assistive Technology Reuse Center
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