Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID)

The Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID) program is Maryland’s Medicaid Buy-in. Any person who has a disability that meets Social Security’s criteria and who is working can use this program. For someone who has no other benefits, this can provide very valuable health coverage under Medicaid, or as we call it in Maryland, Medical Assistance.

For someone who has SSI, they can earn (and save) far more with EID than they could without it and still have Medical Assistance. You can earn more than $6,400 a month and have $10,000 in assets and use EID to get Medical assistance.

For someone who has SSDI, they can use EID to get Medical Assistance to supplement Medicare. This can save more than a thousand dollars a year on Medicare premiums alone. You can save even more on co-pays and prescriptions as well.

MD-WIN can help you apply for EID. Contact us today.

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