Karyn Stenzler

Karyn Stenzler has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 18 years, and most recently in the Washington, DC area. Ms. Stenzler educates beneficiaries, families and support team members about Social Security work incentives and encourages financial independence. She trains on multiple social security topics. Ms. Stenzler has a B.S. in Psychology and was certified as a Community Work Incentive Coordinator through the Social Security Administration in 2009.

Ms. Stenzler recently educated a beneficiary that met the statutory blindness requirements through SSA about the Blind Work Expense (BWE). The beneficiary was able to keep all, but $9 of her SSI check because she had paid for transportation and taxes that had been withheld from her wages. Ms. Stenzler provided templates on how to report the work incentive and wages to SSA, so that the BWEs could be applied to her record.


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Photo of Karen Stenzler
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