Debra Potts, Independent Living Housing Specialist

Housing Seminar: What are my Housing Options?


Are you in the low-income bracket and looking for housing? Please attend the next housing seminar to find out your options with Independence Now. We will discuss the different housing programs, housing search websites, room renting, and COVID-19 issues.

Housing Seminar: How to Fix Your Credit Issues


Landlords typically look for certain items that indicate you could be a risky tenant, including debts owed to previous landlords and past-due utilities. These situations can affect your ability to get an apartment. How to Fix Your Credit Issues with Kylie Delgado from Bank on Maryland.

Housing Seminar: Renting


Come and learn about the process of renting and how to best prepare to become a renter, the importance of credit, effective communication tips to use with landlords and what your rights are under Fair Housing laws.

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